dj Ricki Leigh Re-Design & Build

Seattle DJ Ricki Leigh reached out to our team requesting a complete redesign on her site. Using the Quark skeleton as a foundation, I customized every aspect of the design and build of this UI from initial concepts, wireframes, design desktop layout, and responsive design layout for any given device.

The central focus was to impart a sense of energy throughout with the use of color and photography.

Color was used to differentiate each site section and slides were included within pages to continue the theme of action. Supplemental page-relevant callout buttons were included to keep the user near next steps.

Short blurbs and lists were used in lieu of long-form content to shorten the target audience’s path to answers.

Using PHP, I created a call-to-action on the home page for the blog feed’s latest entries so that followers would always first see the client’s next performance date or most recent performance.