Pacific Lottery Consultants – Responsive UI Build

PLC ScreenshotWhile working with Eugene-based development company, Limelight, I was asked to build a customized responsive WordPress site for Pacific Lottery Consultants.

Platform: WordPress
Base skeletonBones
Languages: HTML5, CSS4, SASS, JS


Menu – pushy.min.js

The menu was created using a Pushy off canvas implementation. The button uses CSS transforms for the roll effect.

Functionality with PHP and Custom Fields

Using PHP, I pull in featured pages by category detection into the home page sections. Titles for these featured callouts are editable by custom fields on their respective pages.

You can feature any page you like on the home page provided you :
1) Select the set the Featured Home Pg Top category on the page you wish to feature
2) Set the Featured Imaged to use as a background
3) Set the Custom Field btn_title found on that page

Custom fields are also used in pages to create unique callouts and cross-linking to other pages within the site.

View the Beta site.