Hosting & Security

Company’s that do not secure their WordPress installations and update their WordPress software leave themselves vulnerable to hacks. If you need a new host or are dissatisfied with your current host and wish to switch, we can direct you to a more reliable hosting environment.

Hosting Providers

After using many hosting companies over the years, there is simply no better hosting company than WP Engine for WordPress installs. Their security, uptime, staging, migration services and developer-friendly tools are exceptional. With that said, they are geared more towards knowledgable WordPress developers and overall this combination costs more upfront but reduces loss in time and money in the long term.   If you prefer to manage hosting yourself, some of the more common providers might better serve your budget constraints now, but when problems arise you may spend more in time lost fixing issues.

Systematic WordPress Updates

Keeping your code updated is the best way to ensure known vulnerabilities are minimized. We utilize a process that reduces the potential for website malfunction when upgrading to newer versions. Should an unforeseen problem arise,  we are quick to revert your site to its latest problem-free version while we determine the cause of new issue.

WordPress Security Hardening

Using best practices with WordPress security hardening puts in place additional measures to protect your WordPress website from hacks. Basically, this means make a few simple changes to your site on the back-end will make if far more difficult for hackers to get in.